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Email address is defined as the mail attribute. Affiliation is defined as the eduPersonScopedAffiliation attribute.

SPs asserting R&S will also have to provide an InformationURL - a URL to a page providing further information about the service (the page should provide more complete information than the Description of the SP in the Federation Registry  provides).

For more information about the R&S Entity Category, go to


Organisations within the SIRTFI community agree to provide a coordinated response to security incidents, including assisting other organisations as required. SIRTFI requires organisations to understand and use the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) for security incident communications. For more information about TLP, go to


Both IdPs and SPs can provide logos that get embedded in their metadata - and can be used to provide users a visual clue in various parts of the user experience - an IdP logo can help identifying the right IdP at the Discovery Service, an SP logo displayed on the IdP login page can confirm to the user which service the user is logging into.  And eduGAIN strongly encourages both IdPs and SPs to provide logos.

To provide a logo, please include an HTTPS link to your logo together with the request to join eduGAIN.  The Tuakiri team will take care of including the logo in the metadata sent to eduGAIN.

Request to join eduGAIN

Join eduGAIN email template