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  • Configuring a Shibboleth Identity Provider to join the Tuakiri Federation

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There will be two federations available:

  • Tuakiri TEST/Dev (operational as of March 4, 2011work in progress)
  • Tuakiri Prod/Pilot (to be live by April 15, 2011release date TBA)
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  • Configure attribute release/filtering through the federation: add
    • Contact the federation administrators and request a URL for the Attribute Filter for your IdP. The attribute filter may have to be manually added to the list of attribute filters published. The URL would look like:
      No Format<institution-domain>.xml
    • Add the following entry into <srv:Service id="shibboleth.AttributeFilterEngine" in $IDP_HOME/conf/service.xml (note that the URL varies for each IdP and has to be obtained from the
    Federation Registry
    • federation administrators):
      Code Block
              <srv:ConfigurationResource xsi:type="resource:FileBackedHttpResource"
    • http://
    • attribute-filter/<institution-domain>.xml"
                                    file="/opt/shibboleth-idp/conf/tuakiri-test-attribute-filter.xml" />

      Note: if your $IDP_HOME is different from /opt/shibboleth-idp, change the file path in the above snippet accordingly.

  • We also strongly recommend you configure your IdP to periodically reload this file - we recommend at 2 hour interval. This is documented in detail in the IdP Install Manual: Reloading configuration section and Load AAF Atribute Filter sections. The simple step is to add the configurationResourcePollingFrequency="PT2H0M0.000S" and configurationResourcePollingRetryAttempts="10" attributes to the <srv:Service id="shibboleth.AttributeFilterEngine" element.
    No Format
        <srv:Service id="shibboleth.AttributeFilterEngine"
    +             configurationResourcePollingFrequency="PT2H0M0.000S" configurationResourcePollingRetryAttempts="10"

Now your IdP should be able to access service provides within the Tuakiri (Test/Dev) federation.