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  • Configuring an SP for eduGAIN

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Comment: document SP logo requirements


  • Run up-to-date software
  • Declare R&S (recommended if applicable)
  • Declare SIRTFI and provide SIRTFI contact (recommended)
  • Provide a logo representing the service
  • Provide a page with further information about the service (InformationURL)
  • Load eduGAIN metadata
  • Request attributes needed
  • Use eduGAIN-enabled Discovery Service


For more information, please see the eduGAIN Information Pack and the REFEDS SIRTFI documentation.


An SP should provide a logo to help users with confirm they are logging into the right service when the logo is displayed on the IdP login page (and possibly also the Discovery Service).

To provide a logo, please include an HTTPS link to your logo in your request to join eduGAIN.  The Tuakiri team will take care of including the logo in the metadata sent to eduGAIN.

Information URL

The registration data for an IdP or SP in the Federation Registry include a (human readable) name and a description - which get included in the generate metadata.