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Comment: request also service_url and service_description


  • A descriptive name of the service
  • The redirect_uri the OpenIDConnect RP on the service will use
    • the redirect_uri must use HTTPS - and must use a host name properly registered in DNS; an IP address would not be accepted
  • Which of the Tuakiri Attributes the service will need access to (and what scopes the service will be requesting - see below)
  • Whether for authenticating to the service, a targeted (pairwise) subject identifier will be sufficient, or whether the service needs public (non-targeted) subject identifier.
    (The latter would only be the case when multiple services connected to the bridge independently need to receive matching subject identifiers).
  • Name of the organisation operating the service
  • A further (brief) description of the service (going beyond the service name) - for use in the Tuakiri Service Catalogue.
  • A URL that can be used to link to the service from the Service Catalogue
  • Which federation this registration is for - Tuakiri (Production) or Tuakiri-TEST.
  • The deployment state of the service (Production, UAT, Testing, Development...)