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1.0 Introduction

The purpose of Tuakiri Service is to provide the access federation mechanism for higher education and research. Students and staff members in a New Zealand University or research institution can use a single username and password to access services in other universities or remote online environment.

The goal of the Tuakiri Service is to enhance research collaboration and education in New Zealand by easing the use of online resources in remote locations. This includes:

  • e-learning services, such as learning management systems
  • research resources, such as portals, collaboration platforms and grids
  • learning service provider content and services, such as library contents and outsourced services
  • division of responsibility for maintenance of systems who would otherwise be beyond the resources of one university or institution

The production Tuakiri Service is being developed in partnership with Australian Access Federation Incorporated, Landcare Research New Zealand, The University of Canterbury and The University of Auckland. The establishment of New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri is funded by the Ministry of Research Science and Technology (MoRST).

2.0 Services

Available Services

The Tuakiri enabled services list is currently being worked out by the NZ Access Federation Project. Service Terms Agreement or License shall apply to end user's organisation to use a particular resource.

There is also a Discovery Service that asks the user to choose their home organisation. The Discovery Service plugs into the login process and each SP in the federation should be configured with the correct DiscoveryService URL,

Tuakiri will provide a list of publishers with whom they are currently in dialogue regarding Access Federation. The list will be published online on and continually updated to include new members.

Enabled Services

Service Provider



Library, The University of Auckland


3.0 Technology

Tuakiri Service is based on SAML 2.0 technology and a mesh of Identity and Service Providers can exchange SAML 2.0 assertions directly. The SAML 2.0 product in use by Tuakiri Service is Shibboleth, which is widely used by globally leading universities and research institutions for access federation.

4.0 Participation

Participation in the Federation is available to organisations and institutions which undertake or support education, research or research and development in New Zealand, including:

  • Tertiary Education Institutions, such as universities or vocational education institutions.
  • Government, Commercial Research Institutions (e.g. Landcare Research, AgResearch, REANNZ KAREN Services, BlueFem High Performance Computing).
  • Government or Commercial Product and Service Organisations delivering products and services to the education and research sector.
  • any other entity approved by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Participants will be registered either as Member or Affiliated using eligibility criteria determined by the Executive Committee.

The Participant registration process is determined by the Executive Committee.

5.0 Fees, payments, and service terms

The Participant will initially be allowed free subscription usage of the Tuakiri Service for 12 months effective from the time of joining the service.

Thereafter, Participants shall pay an annual subscription fee to New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri.

The annual subscription fee will be determined by the Executive Committee.

A service model with one-off joining fee and annual subscription fee will be in effect from 01 January 2012. This will enable Tuakiri Service to be self-sustainable, but not for profit.

Failure to pay the annual subscription fee may result in the Participant being deregistered by the Federation.

Tuakiri Service

Service Term

Joining Fees

Annual Subscription

Payment Schedule


12 months





12 months




6.0 Participant Responsibilities

Participation in the Federation is conditional upon the Participants accepting and abiding by these Rules and acknowledgement that these Rules are binding and enforceable against the Participants by New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri.

The Participants warrants and undertake that:

  • all and any Data, when provided to Tuakiri or another Participant (as the case may be), are accurate and up-to-date and any changes to Metadata are provided promptly to the Tuakiri Operator;
  • it will observe Good Practice in relation to the configuration, operation and security of the System;
  • it will observe Good Practice in relation to the exchange and processing of any Data and in obtaining and managing the domain name service (DNS) names, digital certificates and private keys used by the System;
  • it holds and will continue to hold all necessary licences, authorisations and permissions required to meet its obligations under these Rules;
  • it will not act in any manner which damages or is likely to damage or otherwise adversely affect the reputation of the Federation; and
  • it will give reasonable assistance to any other Participant (including to the Participant's identity provider) investigating misuse by an End User.

Participants acknowledge that participation in the Federation does not itself grant them or any or their End Users automatic access to the resources and services of Service Providers, and that such access may be conditional upon each Participant or End User agreeing appropriate terms with the relevant Service Provider governing that access. Tuakiri will not be responsible for, nor have any liability in respect of, the performance or otherwise of those terms and will not be required to resolve any disputes in relation to those terms.

The Participant acknowledges that AAF Inc may, without incurring any liability to the Participant and without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of Tuakiri, take such action or may require the Participant to take such action, as is necessary in the opinion of Tuakiri to protect the legitimate interests of other Participants or the reputation of the New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri or NZAF or to ensure the efficient operation of the Federation.

The Participant may use the Federation logo in accordance with the Federation logo usage rules as determined and updated from time to time by the New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri.

The Participant grants Tuakiri the right to:

  • publish the Participant's name for the purpose of promoting the New Zealand Access Federation; and
  • publish and otherwise use and hold the Participant's Metadata for the purpose of administering the operation of the Federation.

7.0 Tuakiri Responsibilities

New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri will

  • provide support services, including technical guidance, resources to the Participants

8.0 Data Protection and Privacy

A Participant must, when acting in its capacity as Participant of the New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri, comply with any applicable legislation in relation to data protection and privacy, including without limitation the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993. (See

9.0 Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Unless agreed otherwise in writing between Participants, the Participant will have no liability to any other Participants solely by virtue of the Participants participation in the New Zealand Access Federation. In particular, participation in the Federation alone does not create any enforceable rights or obligations directly between Participants.

The Participant, if an Identity Provider, must ensure that each of its End Users waives any claims of whatever nature, to the extent permitted by applicable law, against the New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri and other Participants related in any way to the authentication and authorisation services created and supported by the New Zealand Access Federation, Tuakiri.

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